Jessica Li Phillips, FMCHC

For Practitioners

Patients are investing in care, and functional medicine practitioners are breaking ground in diagnosing illness and prescribing health plans. To experience true healing in the long term, many patients need a support team along the way. I walk patients through the steps to make the sustainable shifts they need, with their whole selves in mind. I bring years of expertise and experience in the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical components of full holistic health and believe every one of these is crucial in the healing process.



I help patients see, even with a new diagnosis, that they are ok. Implementation starts with accepting what is.


Patients learn how to experience well being every day, regardless of illness. A person's wellness isn't tied to a condition. 


We work on changing habits and creating new routines step by step, one day at a time.


Through step-by-step implementation of new actions and habits, patients can truly experience major shifts in health, and move towards the healing they seek.

I hold space for your patients, so you can focus on your practice.


Work with me:

I offer comprehensive coaching packages for your patients. Offering a coaching service to your patients means better patient success rates, improved patient retention, and the ability to focus on new clients. It also means less time spent coaching patients, and more time spent on advancing their care.


Initial Consult

Book a fifteen minute call to learn more about working with me. 

Virtual Support

I support your clients virtually via Zoom Video Chat, in a 3-month or 6-month package of weekly sessions.

3-month Package
(12 sessions)

6-month Package
(24 sessions) 

In Your Office

I support your clients in your office. We'll schedule office hours so they can book time with me between appointments.

In-office coaching packages are tailored to your needs.

In Their Home

I support your clients in their home (in Manhattan), in a 3-month or 6-month package of weekly sessions.

3-month Package
(12 sessions)

6-month Package
(24 sessions)