Jessica Li Phillips, FMCHC

"Jessica is a powerful combination of mindful yogini and kindhearted educator. I've witnessed first-hand the life-transforming effects she has on her clients, including clients dealing with cancer, and I can't think of anyone better to have on your team when faced with a major health or life challenge."

– Kelly Turner, NYT Bestselling Author, Screenwriter, & Producer


“Having Jessica come to your home is like opening the windows and letting fresh air and sunshine in.  She first began coming as my yoga instructor in 2014 when I was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.  I truly believe that she was instrumental in getting me through that stressful period.  Her expert, finely tuned yoga instruction made all the difference in how my body felt during that time, releasing the tightness of my muscles and helping me learn to breathe and relax.  Her  "special something" - positivity, empathy, warmth and most incredible smile nourished my spirit as well as my body. She gave me valuable guidance on eating and cooking in healthy ways. Now 3 1/2 year’s later Jessica continues as my 1:1 yoga instructor and my body feels stronger and more flexible than ever.  My session with her continues to be an uplifting part of my week.”

– Judy, Pediatric Speech Pathologist

“I have had the absolute pleasure of taking my yoga and mindfulness practice to new heights over the past many years with Jessica. No matter how much physical discomfort, emotional work or family-related stress that I may be feeling before our private practice, I always feel that Jessica is the only person who can help ground me and revitalize my mind, body and soul each and every personal session. Jessica has the unique ability to literally tailor our sessions based on my current physical and mental state, with an overriding goal of helping me maintain a focus on keeping my mind and body as grounded as possible.”

– Jonathan, Managing Director

“I have known Jessica for almost 15 years; first as an incredibly talented yogi, later as a healer and advisor.

She has instructed my family in yoga but the most important role and influence she has had was on my youngest son.

My then 25-year-old son had had a devastating stroke.  Jessica was instrumental in rehabilitating him as well as motivating his recovery. She has been an advisor on nutrition but also for general well being.

She has a calm to her manner that is soothing and reassuring.”

– Lucy, Educator and Dancer

“I highly recommend Jessica Phillips as a functional medicine coach. She has a broad range and depth of training and integrates her expertise in a thoughtful and caring manner. Jessica has a wonderful bearing. Working with her is a true pleasure. She encourages you to take care of yourself with wisdom and compassion. Her knowledge of cooking, diet, functional medicine, yoga and meditation infuses her coaching with concrete knowledge and deep spirit. She has practical suggestions about what to eat, how to cook it, as well as behavioral strategies to implement her recommendations. She deeply cares about her clients and working with her and following her recommendations will help you feel better.  You will be well served by hiring Jessica as a functional medicine coach.”

– Leslie, Poet

“Jessica has helped me to start looking at things differently and start exploring new ideas about cooking and eating and getting my body moving again! And also to think I am a strong woman and I can accomplish anything I want! Thank you for everything you have taught me!”

– Cathy, Business Owner, Mother & Grandmother

“I worked with Jessica while I was at boarding school overseas and her organization, flexibility and efficiency was what truly made it suitable for me. I have had psoriasis for my whole life and after trying different treatments I started looking into other options. I had heard that a change in diet can help reduce breakouts so I contacted Jessica.

We worked together on my diet to make a plan that was realistic due to my school dining options as well as meditation. Jessica was really great at helping me identify what was in different dishes. I would send her pictures of my meals and she would give me feedback as to what had nutritional value and what I should avoid.

Jessica’s ability to motivate me as well as being supportive truly helped me cut out foods in my diet which I had previously enjoyed, and if I was heading a bit off track we would discuss ways for me to fulfill my cravings in a healthier way.

Over time I felt much healthier and my skin started to clear up. Jessica’s methods of cutting certain types of foods one at a time helped me identify the foods which my body reacted to. Thanks to Jessica I now understand how to treat my body properly and be aware of how different foods make me feel.”

– Lizzie, Student

“Jessica has been an invaluable resource to me on my road to recovery post cancer.  She has supported me building back my strength with yoga and nutritious foods.  Having a customized yoga and food plan is exactly what I needed.  I continue to work with her on my yoga and meditation practice to build strength and combat the stresses of city living.  I am lucky to have her in my life!”

– Elizabeth, Business Consultant

“As I get older, I realize nutrition is more important to my well-being and ongoing health than I ever thought it was in the past. Jessica helped educate me about eating healthy without having to spend hours every day in a kitchen that I do not have. (I live in a small New York City apartment.) I kept a food log and she helped me find healthy substitutes for some no-no's. I am not much of a cook, but if I hang out with Jessica enough, I could get interested in cooking. She also emphasizes the part that's more natural for me to integrate into my life: exercise and meditation. 

Jessica's work comes from her well as from her extensive knowledge. She's fun to work with, compassionate and respectful of people with busy schedules.” 

– Joanne, Journalist

“Working with Jessica was extremely helpful. She guided me in reflecting on the challenges I was experiencing in my daily health routine and facilitated me to make practical and realistic action steps to meet my goals. With her vast background in healthful eating & cooking, meal planning, and mindful & meditative practices her coaching technique was supportive, nurturing, and insightful. Everyone who has the opportunity to work with Jessica will gain tremendous benefits and life long practices.”

– Megan, MS, Dipl Ac, LAc, ATC

"I had the opportunity and privilege to work with Jessica last year at a time of great crisis in my life.  Jessica often encountered my tears and heavy stories of what was happening in my world at the time, and she gave me great comfort, because she was fully present for me, has a very calming effect, brings a feeling of serenity to the room and really helped to calm me and shift my perspective from negative to a positive.  From our breathing exercise to start our session to constructive suggestions on shifting the lens through which I was looking at my life, Jessica was instrumental in helping me on my road to wellness.

I highly recommend working with Jessica, as she is a beautiful spirit with so much to give."

– MJ, Health Coach